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MSH ASSISTANCE, the security solution for domestic and international business travellers

MSH Assistance, our 24/7 multilingual service available worldwide, offers peace-of-mind and a safer way to travel for international and domestic businesses. MSH Assistance is a comprehensive product that offers international assistance, emergency evacuation, repatriation and risk management to travellers and businesses around the globe, and is available as a fully insured service or stand-alone product, and to already existing plans.

MSH Assistance was developed in respond to the health and safety needs of our clients and the on-going changes and demands of the travel market by providing a key component in an organizations complete duty of care security and medical solution. We are building tomorrow’s global benefits programs that are more efficient, better cost-contained, and provide superior and prompt assistance to globally-mobile individuals, wherever they go.

Empowering business travellers and keeping them safe

MSH Assistance helps organizations and their business travellers stay informed and manage their risks by providing highly customized solutions that include country briefings, risk reports, security management resources and much more. In addition, our convenient web and mobile application, the MSH Travel Navigator, also provides business travellers with relevant destination information, travel health content, and real-time health, transportation, and travel security alerts to empower travellers with everything they need when working or travelling.

In addition, our convenient web and mobile application is offering to the traveler all providers near by through a geolocalisation system.
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