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Dedicated to managing personal insurance for people living and working in the GCC and MENA regions

MSH International is a UAE based third party administrator (TPA) entirely dedicated to managing personal insurance for people living and working in the GCC and MENA.

MSH International Dubaï is regulated by the Dubaï Financial Services Authority.
MSH International Dubaï administrates international healthcare for major international corporations, insurance companies, institutions and brokers.

MSH International Dubaï recognizes the difference between the needs of domestic employees and the needs of expatriate employees; we use our extensive group experience and expertise in global benefits to ensure that the administration of your plan is efficient as well as flexible.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a seamless and positive experience for you and your employees.
  • Our corporate customers in the Employers' Pages: enroll an employee; view the list of their policies and insured employees, rates per coverage, assistance company contact information in the event of repatriation; download the information guides corresponding to each policy and coverage, print insurance ID cards; request forms for insurance certificates and assistance cards, etc.
  • Insured employees of our corporate customers in the Participants’ Pages: complete their enrollment form; fill out online claim forms; view their reimbursement statements, display their personal information (address, e-mail, bank details, etc.) as well as information guides corresponding to their insurance plans; print an insurance ID card and request an insurance certificate, etc.
  • These two sections also provide access to an Expat Healthcare section that provides healthcare information and the precautions to take for several countries plus continuously updated medical alerts
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