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Death and disability

Repatriation of the body or ashes to the member's home country in the event of death
Paid in full

Cost of coffin or urn

Up to €2,000/$2,500

Body identification and administrative formalities carried out by a family member. Return to the home country of an accompanying member.

Return tickets and hotel expenses (€150 per night for 2 nights)

Early return to the home country in the event of a family member's death.

Return ticket

Advance of bail bonds in the event of legal proceedings.

Up to €15,000

Advance and coverage of legal fees incurred abroad.

Up to €3,000

Search parties at sea, in the mountains or in the desert.

Up to €15,000

Early return in the case of an accident in your place of residence. Early return or transport to a secure zone in the case of a terrorist attack or natural catastrophe. Relay of urgent messages in the case of incapacity. Sourcing and delivery of medication to your country of expatriation if unavailable locally.

One-way /Return Tickets + expenses.

Free access to Europe Assistance's "123 Classed" e-safe during your contract.

Assistance in the case of theft, loss or destruction of identity papers or means of payment (financial support and hotel expenses for prolonged stay).

Advance funds: €2300. Hotel expenses: €150 per night up to €1500

Compensation for plane delays causing missed connecting flights due to technical or climatic reasons.

Up to €300

Psychological support in the case of an accident, assault or attempted assault, the death of a family member, a terrorist attack or a natural catastrophe.

3 sessions by telephone.

Psychological support in the case of an assault on the covered member causing bodily harm and for family members or accompanying parties in the case of the member's death.

Up to €3,000

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